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JobWinner is a self-paced video training program for business professionals at all levels from any sector or discipline; anyone looking for new employment, or seeking to improve their employment situation.

Packed with more than 20+ years of frontline experience from one of Australia's leading executive recruiters & career coaches, the JobWinner content has been developed from critiques of thousands of hiring managers from the most prestigious and sought-after employers. This end-to-end video training program covers every aspect of the recruitment process: from sending in compelling job applications and presenting standout job interviews, to negotiating the most competitive salary. Essentially, it’s a one-stop-shop for everything you need to know about getting a great new job. Participating in this course will revolutionise your entire approach to make you a JobWinner.


What You'll Learn in JobWinner

The JobWinner program contains short, to the point instructional videos designed to empower job seekers to gain a competitive advantage; and increase job seekers' ability to negotiate the recruitment process on a level playing field with employers. You'll learn how to...

  • Navigate the recruitment process like a pro
  • Negotiate an outstanding salary
  • Uncover and gain access to new jobs
  • Compose a standout resume
  • Present the most convincing interview performance
  • Seize the most lucrative time to enter the market
  • Position yourself accurately to the job brief
  • Discover the truth behind job opportunities
  • Identify the best questions to ask employers
  • Prepare compelling business case studies
  • Select appropriate referees for endorsement
  • Navigate delicate resignation situations
  • Harness the power of online tools
  • Maximise relationships with recruiters

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JobWinner will show you how to access the best jobs before they hit the market. Place Yourself First!

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JobWinner Package Options for Business Professionals

BRONZEĀ & SILVERĀ package options are only availableĀ for a limited period

SALE: $100 off each package. Normally from $297 (bronze)


2+ hours of training where you'll learn to...

  • Develop a strong proposition
  • Make a powerful job submission
  • Compose a standout resume
  • Present the most convincing interview performance
  • Identify the best questions to ask employers
  • Deliver compelling case studies
  • Select appropriate referees for endorsement
  • Negotiate a brilliant offer
  • Navigate delicate resignation situations

Additional Resources

  • Identify the key accountabilities for every job function
  • Cover note & CV templates
  • Standout resume writing tips
  • Common resume formatting mistakes
  • Interview critique questions
  • Secrets to delivering compelling business case studies.
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3+ hours training: Includes entire Bronze course plus...

  • Position yourself accurately to the job brief
  • Sell your experience and skills with greatest impact
  • Negotiate the best salary
  • Maximise relationships with recruiters
  • Harness the power of online tools
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4+ hours training: Includes entire Bronze & Silver courses plus...

  • Uncover and gain access to new jobs
  • Discover the truth behind job opportunities
  • Seize the optimal time to secure a job
  • Scrutinise job opportunities with a buyer's wisdom

Bonus content

  • Present outstanding interviews for leaders
  • Develop the confidence and mindset for success
  • Get unstuck with trouble-shooting tips
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Care Pharmaceuticals

"Philip. I can honestly say that you stand apart from any other recruiter that I have worked with during my short career! In a very good way. Your support and guidance have been very much appreciated."

Jon, General Manager
Australian FMCG Multinational

"I always feel like I am benefiting from sage advice built on years of industry knowledge, well honed networks and a general interest in people and making their professional lives just that little bit better."

Nicky, Marketing Leader
Hungry Jacks

"Philip has a natural ability to connect personally with candidates by preparing and motivating them with sound market knowledge and guidance to meet employer’s expectations. To put it simply, you've been amazing, and don't think I would've put myself out there in that way without you."

News Limited

"Philip treads the candidate vs employer line exceedingly well. His relaxed style belies a sharp and keen understanding of what success looks like and how to achieve it for all players in the game. Listen carefully to his gentle suggestions on the way through... Sometimes they are gold!"

Lachlan, General Manager

"Philip with his enthusiasm, knowledge of the market, negotiation skills & ability to create a personal connection is the Jerry Maguire of recruiters - someone you know you want to work with."

Alessandro, Marketing Manager
Activision Blizzard

"Philip helped me immensely through my job search, providing me with sound advice on how to approach interviews and key insight on what to focus on throughout the process."

Marketing Manager

"I’ve known Philip for over three years and he is just fantastic. He has been my ‘go to man’ whenever I needed career advice - he has been absolutely invaluable in helping me over the years."

Judy, Marketing Manager
Wrigley’s (Mars Confectionary)

"Working with Philip has been a pleasure. His advice and council were both genuine and invaluable. It has been a win-win for all involved, with a fantastic result for my career and future."

Jamie, Category Manager

"What set Philip apart during my recent job search process was the invaluable industry, career and interview advice he provided."

Robyn, Marketing

"With Philip's follow up, advice and preparation support I felt he empowered me to put my best foot forward."

Mark, Marketing

Snapshot of Employer Clients

Snapshot of Employer Clients

Frequently Asked Questions

About Philip Calodoukas

"As an expert recruiter and career specialist over the last 20 years, I can help you...

  • Uncover the best jobs before they hit the market
  • Master the recruitment process like a pro
  • Develop confidence and effectiveness in every interview
  • Know your value to negotiate the best salary package 
  • Place yourself into your dream job
  • Maximise the value of your network
  • Craft a winning resume to get you in the door" 

Philip Calodoukas has been a successful and reputable Employment Agent & Careers Advisor since the late 90’s. Originally he specialised in recruiting Technology professionals across Banking & Finance, Technology, and NSW Government sectors, then in 2003 he transitioned to recruiting Marketing & Sales professionals, across Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and related sectors. In 2007 Philip went out on his own and established his own agency.

As the Principal Consultant of Touchpoint Executive Pty Ltd Philip has made a significant contribution to many high-profile employers and job seekers at all levels, including numerous industry leaders. He has developed extensive networks and a reputation as a leader and influencer. His passion to empower job seekers is widely known and highly regarded.

Philip is greatly sought after for his insight of the employment landscape and his expert counsel to navigate both the recruitment process and careers. With 2020’s sharp increase in unemployment and growing pressure on those currently employed Philip decided to make his knowledge and expertise more widely available by developing the JobWinner training program. His goal is to boost Australia's economic recovery and add value to job seekers seeking to gain a competitive edge.

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